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Apr. 12th, 2011


potage royale avec fromage

french onion soup. i love it. prior to last night, i have never before attempted to make it from scratch.

didn't have five hours to simmer bones so i used boxed broth from trader joe's.

so, why did it take me so long? searching for the right recipe. never mind that it's been sitting on my bookshelf for at least five years. oh, interwebz. how you make things lazyeasy.

one of my favorite foodblogs, smitten kitchen, modified THE classic recipe. yeah, the one that lives on my bookshelf.

food network? nah, too many cooks trying to put their own spin on things. french onion soup is simple. plus everything seemed designed for cooks on a time crunch.

real french onion soup takes hours (not including the stock!). you're supposed to let the onions caramelize until they fall apart and form an intense, omigodthissmellsfuckinggood paste. THAT is the basis of the soup! If you skimp on this step, your soup may as well come in a box marked "Lipton."

my soup turned out ok, i think. it's not dark enough, which i attribute to the broth. i hope to have enough time to make my own broth in the future (when I will just follow the master).

Feb. 28th, 2011


the ol' factory

One of the Biophysics labs has a rather prodigious contingent of Indian and Asian post-docs. The entire lab lunches together in the lounge every day, bringing various homemade foodstuffs (rice pulau, iddly, curries, various asian dishes w/meats and fish). It's all shared, family style. They talk about the process of cooking their food, too. It always smells so damn good in there! I purposely linger (usually I'm in there only to refill my coffee, wash something or to return a book to our student library), hoping to grab a snippet of recipe, or an idea from a dish that looks amazing but that I can't immediately identify. Sometimes they'll generously offer me a morsel of something, and I accept it gratefully, though I feel like a mooch.

It's almost kind of a job perk.
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Jan. 4th, 2011


end of year musics 2010

i find these to be quite listenable. it me or are Matmos getting more and more pastoral?

Nov. 26th, 2010


R.I.P. Sleazy

Unhappy TG

Oct. 21st, 2010


my palms are sweaty

not one but TWO dreams about record shopping in San Francisco last night.

in the first one, i was in Amoeba Records with my dad. i had an armful of stuff and he was asking me for recommendations. i've never actually been to Amoeba, but in my dream it had 7 floors (like the Tower Records in Shibuya--RIP). i was about to hit the minimal/experimental floor when i awoke.

in the second, i was walking down a street en route to Amoeba. the area looked exactly like Nai Lert Park in Bangkok (where i stayed last april). suddenly my walk was blocked by three 6 foot tall fratboys. i couldn't get around them, they kept flailing like live seaweed, anticipating my moves. i was pissed off. then suddenly a big ocean wave tumbled down the street and washed the fratboys away (but not me).

this dream left me feeling very anxious. perhaps it could have been a reflection of my desire to attend the WFMU record fair?

May. 27th, 2010

lucie BW

thursday. it isn't friday.

my goodness! i'm hosting a dinner party for the first time in, what...over a year and a half? the secret to a swell dinner party is prepwork, especially this hot sweaty drippy moist time of year! so i threw together some stuff in my mini-food processor called "avocado dressing" and fridged it. it will go on greens. i sauteed some shallots and shrooms in butter and olive oil and fridged that too. it will be mixed with cavatappi pasta, the only thing to actually be cooked tomorrow.

and wine, wine, wine!

also: weeding. there's this new plant about town. looks like rosemary except the leaf-tips are round. it's sticky and riddled with tiny burr-balls. they're quite vine-esque and like to choke things, such as my PRECIOUS PEONY BUSH. yes i wore my gardening gloves this time! these sneaks are easy to pull as they rely on their velcro-like nature, not roots, to further them into my world. i think i got them all wrapped as a nice present for the city garbage collectors to take tomorrow morning. my herb garden is overrun with wild oregano but the thyme still flourishes. some of it was utilized for aforementioned shroom sauce.

i played bass tonight. i will not be a box player. you hear that, pinky?

Apr. 8th, 2010


spring is here (mostly)...

...and I want a bicycle!

Feb. 8th, 2010


(no subject)

snow is on the way! 6-10 inches they say.

time to batten down the hatches!

i went shopping tonight. bought all sorts of things including spicy paratha and black cardamom from the indian grocery near my house which also happens to be next to a korean grocery (it's like new york without the new york part). the man at the indian grocery told me black cardamom is green cardamom that's been smoked and has a nutty, vanilla flavor. at the korean grocery i stocked up on rice and roasted seaweed (which i like to have with my rice and gomashio). i also went quotidian grocery shopping and found the best peanut butter ever. it's glorious stuff.

it's really good to be listening to new music: nudge's as good as gone. recommended by windy. and oneohtrix point never. and...a spacey-electro horror lounge comp called G-SPOTS (har!) on the studio g label. i owe banjobraids a bazillion mixes and more. yeah, i'm working on that!

i will devote my entire radio show this week to artists on the kranky label.

Feb. 5th, 2010


Two great dead writers. One has a birthday today.


Nov. 27th, 2009


packing it to go

the one thing people don't mention as much about bacon fat is how EFFING DELICIOUS it makes everything taste. there is a reason vegetarians/vegans miss the taste of it. once upon a time (before mazola and crisco) we humans cooked with it rather constantly. and guess what? WE'RE NOT EXTINCT.

i made the. most. gastronomically. melodious. stuffing. for our modest thanksgiving repast at D's place, as he feared being called into work (this is his pager week). yesterday went by without a peep but this morn, when he was planning on hitting the recording studio with his band, he was paged.

back to the stuffing. i made up the recipe! cornbread croutons, cherrywood bacon, caramelized onions, fresh thyme, apples. i fried the bacon, then caramelized the onions in the bacon fat, tossed in the apples, sprinkled in thyme, deglazed with water, mixed with the croutons and WHAM! FAT! STUFF! deliciousness. i wonder if next time perhaps a little vermouth and less water?

so the stuffing wouldn't die of loneliness i made meatloaf and parmigiano-reggiano mashed potatoes too. we drank red wine and ate by the glowing light of the cathode ray nipple (that is to say, television).

because his kitchen is...urrhm...somewhat devoid of cooking supplies, i prepped nearly everything at my house to be finished off in his normal (as opposed to my oompa-loompa) sized oven.

the best part comes later, with the strata-assemblage of stuffing, taters and cranberry sauce known as NIGHTMARE PIE!!

i'm thankful for things. i need coffee!

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